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Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

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Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

“A true showcase of Malaysian Dining”

Doubletree by Hilton is the first of its kind to open in South East Asia. You’ll find it housed lovingly in the unmissable Intermark building, on the corner of Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang.

Located on the 11th floor is Makan Kitchen, the hotel’s 350-seat signature restaurant.

Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines dominate in the 3 interactive kitchens, while lesser known specialties from Ibanese, Nyonya and Kristang Kitchens add another dimension to the meaning of the word’s ‘local food’.

As Terry (Red FM Drive), Lexie (Presenter), Alvin  (Photographer) and toured the kitchens with our gracious host Cindy Wong, we noticed that although the restaurant could fit so many people in one go, it didn’t feel big and overwhelming.

The area surrounding each kitchen was decorated according to its theme, divided and separated by screens for more privacy.

Subtle changes in lighting ranged from bright, lively spotlights in the main area, to warm, cozy lighthing in the more private areas.

Very atmospheric, and a true showcase of our each cultures unique heritage.

With over 150 local delights on offer across the three kitchens, we couldn’t wait to get started!

Cindy suggested we begin our journey (the full Makan Kitchen Experience) at the Indian Kitchen, headed up by Chef Prem Kumar Jeyaranam.

Along with his team of experts, they ensure that the Indian Kitchen boasts a wide selection of Northern and Southern Indian specialities.

The Kadai Panner was a mild mix of cottage cheese, spices, onions, chilli sauce and green peppers, while the Spinach Kuttu was a creamy, textured dhall stew made from lentils.

I loved the crunchy Bendi Masala, which was stir fried okra (ladies fingers) in a spicy masala gravy. The Sambar was Toor Dhall with mix vegetables. These four accompaniments go perfectly with the main dishes and Biryani Rice on offer.

We were treated to a special serving of Fish Head Curry, which was just scrumptious.

Mouth watering rich and tasty curries like Shahi Kumar, a Northern Indian lamb kurman in onion masala and cashewnut paste. Another spicy masterpiece is the Chilli Chicken, a recreation of the South Indian Spicy chicken masala.

Indulge in oven baked Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Prawn, Fish Tikka, Lamb Kofta and deliciously fragrant Garlic Naan.

Don’t forget to grab a crispy Poppadum or two from the mountain stack on display.

Also available at the Indian Kitchen are Kristang Dishes like the famous mustard seed, piquant Debil Curry, and the fiery Sambal Prawn.

Cindy insisted we try one of her favourites, Chef Prem’s secret recipe Murg Malai Chicken (cheese chicken) baked in the tandoor.

I managed to wangle out some of the ingredients from him, and learnt that he makes a marinade from cream cheese, cream and yoghurt, mixed with blended chilli padi, and secret Indian herbs and spices, then sits the chicken in it overnight. A must try!

Don’t miss the well-known Iban dish from Sarawak, Pansuh Manuk.

This is an amalgamation chicken, herbs and spices cooked in a long bamboo.

Bursting with a hearty flavour that exudes goodness. Don’t forget the drink up the luscious chicken broth, that really, is a soup on its own!

The Malay Kitchen dominates the main dining area, with tempting traditional fare. you see as you. Start off with fresh Ulam (raw vegetables) that include long beans, petai, four angled bean, with a choice of Cincalok, Belachan, and Tempoyak.

Savour the sweet sour combination of various Malay salads, with ingredients like onions, chilli, mango, pineapple, pomelo, beef and prawns.

Order a handmade Popiah Basah filled to the brim with sliced vegetables, juicy chicken, fried onion, sesame seeds and a sweet spicy chili sauce.

Snack on tender Chicken & Beef Satay cooked at a live cooking station.

Served with a special peanut sauce, cucumber, onions and ketupat (malay rice cake).

Fill up on Ikan Pari Panggang, Sup Kambing, Ayam Kuzi Merah with dominating flavours of coriander and chilli, Daging Masak Kayu Manis (beef cooked with cardamom, cinnamon and coconut milk) and the irresistible Sotong Masak Serai (fried squid with lemongrass and chilli). Udang  Tumis and Keropok complete the ensemble.

It was so good Terry and I went back for seconds and thirds!

You can also make your own noodle soup, by choosing from the various ingredients neatly laid out on display. Choose your own noodles (yellow noodle or bee hoon) and add fishcake, fishball, tofu, beansprouts, vegetables and more.

Dip briefly in boiling hot water, empty the contents into a bowl and douse with one of the soups on offer. That evening, we tried the fragrant Sarawak Laksa, meaty Beef Soup, and flavoursome Chicken Broth.

Slurp up your soup piping hot to enjoy maximum pleasure.

Desserts on offer from the Malay kitchen include local flavoured ice-cream (pick and mix your own flavours and toppings), traditional Malays, Chinese and Nyonya Kuih.

Lastly, we tried the Chinese Kitchen. An overwhelming choice of assorted Dim sum that includes Har Gau, Siu Mai, Spinach dumpling and Glutinous rice wrapped in Lotus leaf.

Indulge in expertly cooked Fresh Marinated Roast Chicken & Duck, BBQ Roast ‘Char Siew’, with plum sauce, chilli sauce, and minced pickled ginger.

An all time classic in Chinese Cuisine is the Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Chinese Herb.

Here is also where you’ll find time-honoured Nyonya Cuisine, with dishes like Pan-Fried Stuffed Chilli with Tau Chew Sauce, Wok Fried Bamboo Clams with local basil leaf, and Nyonya style vegetable. Finish off with an assortment of Chinese desserts.

Just for this festive Christmas season, you can also tuck into Roast Turkey with all the trimmings.

As we sat there nursing out bursting bellies, Terry, Lexie, Alvin and I discussed what we’d tried. It was obvious to all of us that the one thing that stands out about the food at Makan Kitchen is its homestyle cooking. With so much on offer, my advice is to try a little bit of everything for starters, but focus on only one kitchen for your main course. That way you can fully appreciate your chosen cuisine for all it’s worth. And you won’t overeat or waste either!

One of the best local buffets in town by far. Makan Kitchen – A true showcase of Malaysian Dining.

Thanks to Cindy and the team at Makan Kitchen for filling us up with so much good food!

Special thanks to Alvin ( for the beautiful photos.

All this week, tune in from Eleven2Three to win a buffet for 2 worth RM 150! vouchers to Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur. The Big Red Food Review with me Aly. Only on Red FM, Today’s Best Music!

104.9 in the Klang Valley.

The Full Makan Kitchen Experience

Lunch – RM59++ (adults) RM 29.50++ (per child below 12 yrs)

Dinner – RM79++ (adults) RM39.50 (per child below 12 yrs)


Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

The Intermark, 182 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

T: +603 21727272



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December 12, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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  1. Hi Aly,
    The setting of this Hilton hotel has the look as of in the U.S. Only to the deco that look very Contemporary Oriental.The wide entrance to the dinning hall and the wide opened kitchen,make you feel the open arm of welcoming guests.That’s how we American love the spaces,make you fill good while you do your shopping,dinning,driving,outing,living and so on.I guess is due to the big land scape of our country,big wide open spaces,a land of born free.We have what the wholeworld has,everything and anythings you name it.An American life is to live free, with passion and loving.Our obligation is to assure that others nation they too,can live with passion and loving in their land.I’m glad to see this land of your in Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer for it people.Our way of live has a big influences to your region interm of Economic,Politic and culture.May be not the foods yo,while I guess you can’t give it all.Do you know,what you eats can make you growth tall and good looking.It can alter your DNA in a long run,give it a study.

    However,of all the different foods on the pictures,they all looked good.I like the Dim-Sum,it reminded me whenever we go Chinese,we’ll get dressed up.My folks told me Chinese are very cultured people,they’re humble and kind.they like to see their guests in good dress when you come to dinning.Its kind of a respect to yourself and the nice setting places you dine in.May be is because of that reason gave me the urge to want to know about Chinese.
    You know in our days,we don’t see Chinese easily.I remember that one time we come close to saw a Chinese couple walking on the street,we were so anxious to feel them.So I beg my folks to allow me to ask the couple,can you please let me touch you.The lady at first look a little surprise for a second,then she gently smile and gave her hands,me and my younger Sister were so curious just want to look at the skins of her hands.They’re really different smooth skin and very less body hair.We got our wishes to touched them and,they both were very humble showing their kindness gently padding my head and saying lovely kids.That was part of my curiosity in my early years,and it’s parts of my memories now.You see life is full of curiosity,it can make life wonders.

    Christmas turkey does take a little times to make it good. In order to have a juicy big white bird on the table during festive season,I say must have the turkey in the oven for 5 hours the least.Once it done you eat it right away,tough when it cool down.Don’t forget to have some wine,it goes well with the season,make the night a little warmer.

    On behalf of Hilton my wishes to you guys,
    Seasons come and goes,may this season bring us the wellness and goodness to all.

    Happy Holiday


    December 13, 2010 at 8:00 am

  2. i luv Indian Food, amazing spread of dishes.


    December 13, 2010 at 12:49 pm

  3. That’s mouth-watering!! too bad it’s in KL =(
    anyway, Red FM’s big red food review ROX!!!!

    and ally rox!! *blushed*


    December 14, 2010 at 9:42 pm

  4. wondering, does makan kitchen serve pork and using lard?


    January 5, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    • Hi Zilla, Makan Kitchen is a Pork free restaurant


      January 10, 2011 at 10:48 am

      • thank you =)


        January 11, 2011 at 3:25 pm

  5. Wonderful blog… great quality of the pictures.. temps people to taste the food… I think you should pay a visit to Celsius KL, Bukit Bintang… you might like it too…


    January 24, 2011 at 8:16 pm

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