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All You Can Eat @ NAGOMI, Hartamas Shopping Centre

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NAGOMI Japanase Restaurant @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

“All You Can Eat”

It’s a cute little spot, tucked away on the ground floor of Hartamas Shopping Centre (next to Penang Village).

With its bold signage and welcoming smiles from friendly staff, you’re almost drawn to Nagomi Japanese Restaurant like a moth is to a flame.

The name Nagomi is synonymous in KL for authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices, with astounding quality. The brainchild of Master Chef Tanabe San, who reigns supreme in the Yosh! Group of restaurants, Nagomi certainly delivers what it promises. With outlets in Menara Hap Seng in the heart of KL, Jaya 33 in the homely PJ area, and its flagship store here in residential Hartamas, its convenient locations ensure you will never go hungry no matter where you are. Hey, if you happen to be in China, stop in the newly opened 10000 sq ft Nagomi Beijing!

Each outlet is decorated in its own individual style, yet consistently boasts an evident contemporary Japanese style that’s modern, yet classic.

The Hartamas outlet boasts floor to ceiling bamboo trunks, cozy booths, a semi private dining room and, of course, a well stocked bar.

A brand new promotion is on offer at Nagomi Hartamas, in addition to its staple a la carte menu. This time, you are offered an “All You Can Eat” buffet, with a choice of three different menus priced at RM38++, RM 48++, or RM 68++.

The Higaniku is priced lowest at RM 38++ (bargain!), and is only available at lunchtime between 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm. It gives you a selection of hot and cold beverages, snacks like edamame, chicken teriyaki, temaki handrolls , sushi rolls, garlic fried rice, and a main dish of Shabu-shabu (Hot Pot), and a dessert of fresh fruits, to name a few.

The Himawari is a mid range menu, available for dinner at 5.30pm to 10.00pm. Apparently, this is the most popular of the three for its affordable price and value for money aspect.

For RM 48++, here’s what you get:

Beverages – Hot/cold Ocha, Coke or 7up

Snack – Edamame, Ika Geso, Ika Ring, Chawan Mushi, Agedashi Tofu

Ika Geso (Deep fried squid)


Mini Salada – Nagomi House Salada with crab sticks, salmon sashimi, crunchy croutons.

The dressing was excellent, a secret recipe passed down by Master Chef Tanabe which had a wasabi base, thousand island ingredients and a generous helping of Tobikko (Flying-fish roe). It will soon be available at Nagomi outlets, packaged in bottles and ready for you to take home. I can’t wait for that!

Teriyaki – Chicken Teriyaki


Deep Fried – Chicken Karaage, Koebi Karaage (small shrimps deep fried and very crunchy), Chicken Kushiage, Chicken Gyoza, Pumpkin Croquette


Temaki Handroll Sushi – California, Salmon Skin, Kanimayo, Vegetables, Tamago

The California roll was fat and juicy, and with wasabi and Japanese mayo spread all the way through the cone, ensuring maximum taste throughout.

My favourite was the Kani mayo.

A creamy mix of prawns and roe, with a good kick from the wasabi and ginger.


Hosomaki – Mini Cut Roll – Cucumber, Tamago, Crabstick, California, Salmon


Special Sushi Roll – California, Kanimayo, Vegetables


Single Sushi – Butterfish, Ebi, Kisu, Tako, Tamago

Rice – Garlic Fried Rice. The rice was fragrant and beautifully fried, slightly crunchy and oh-so tasty.


Shabu-shabu – Hot Pot (Main Dish) – Assorted Vegetable Platter with 1 x portion Thin Sliced Meat (Chicken, Duck, Australian Striploin, 100g each and limited to 1 round of serving for main dish)

I love Shbu-shabu, having tried it for the first time at Nagomi Jaya 33. Here, we had a choice of 3 soups; Nagomi House Special, Spicy Miso and Kimchi. All three were exceptional, and bursting with flavour, and poured into your individual pot in a theatrical fashion.

The Nagomi Soup was mild, created from a rich stock of vegetables and meat. The Spicy Miso is made from boiling miso paste (fermented soybeans), vegetable stock and a dash of chilli. The Kimchi Soup has an exquisite sourish flavour, a result of boiling fermented cabbage, chilli and vegetable stock. This was probably the spiciest of the three, and my favourite.

Another thing to note is the care that goes into ensuring the vegetables that reach your plate are of the utmost freshness.

Nagomi practices soaking all their vegetables in icy cold water for 20 minutes, to rid them of all bacteria and pesticides. The platter is overflowing with fresh cabbage, mushrooms, tofu and more. Tip all these into the soup and boil for several minutes to unleash their flavours, then add meat and cook to your liking.




Slurp. Addictive. I finished every drop of my soup, and I guarantee you will too.

Dessert – Macha (Green tea) ice-cream, Vanilla ice cream, and fresh fruits

All that for RM48++!

We actually tried the most expensive menu (which is still very reasonably priced!) at RM 68++, also available at dinner from 5.30pm to 10.00pm.

Additional dishes in this Sakura menu:

Teriyaki – Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki

Single Sushi – Butterfish, Ebi, Kisu, Tako, Tamago, Salmon, Magura Akami

Gunkan – Salmon, Spicy Salmon, Tuna Mayo, Kanimayo. Gunkan is actually a roundish (more oval shaped) sushi which is wrapped with seaweed, and topped with ingredients as mentioned above.

And the bonus, what Japanese food is all about… truly good, fresh, quality sashimi…

Sashimi – Salmon, Magura Akami (Blue fin Tuna), Butterfish, Tako (octopus), Ika (squid)

The sashimi, as always at Nagomi, was fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. My favourite was the Hokkei, a Japanese Surf Clam that’s seasonal.

Chewy in texture with a light crunch on the outside, it certainly has a delightful clam flavour complemented perfectly by the Shoyu, wasabi and ginger.

The Shabu-Shabu offers the same choice of meat as the Himawari menu, with the addition of Sake Kama (Salmon Fish Head).

I love the food at Nagomi. It’s always fresh, it’s always satisfying, and most importantly, no matter what your budget, you will always find something to satisfy.

Thank you Eddie, Andy and the team at Nagomi Hartamas for a deliciously satisfying meal!

Special thanks to Alvin for the beautiful photos –




Nagomi @ Hartamas Shopping Centre
Lot G11A & 11B, Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
Jalan Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T/ +603 6201 7130
Location Map





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November 14, 2010 at 11:50 am

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  1. Aly,This Nagomi dine in look so good,thanks to the person who took the pictures and how he do the lay out. I may not like raw fillets but it really make you want to eat.


    November 18, 2010 at 10:43 am

    • Thanks wayne! Alvin is our photographer, you can see all his pics at Give Nagomi a try, they have a whole bunch of cooked dishes as well in the ala carte menu 🙂


      November 18, 2010 at 11:18 am

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