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Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ BSC

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Kuriya @ BSC

I love Japanese food. I’ve made no secret of that. It was a wonder that I’d never been to Kuriya at BSC before, as I’d heard many, many good things about it.

Located on the third floor of BSC, in the West Wing, you’ll see a warm, welcoming restaurant that serves up scrumptious Japanese cuisine.

The deco is beautiful, with wood panelling, and genuine Japanese artifacts that give it that authentic Japanese feel.

Choose to sit inside by the bar, in cozy tatami rooms or outside on the terrace with a view.

“Kuriya means ‘aristocratic kitchen’ in Japanese. Found only in homes of the noble class, it is the place where dishes are prepared for important guests.”

The open kitchen allows you to see Kuriya’s masterful chefs at work. The kitchen is headed up by Chef Nakagawa Takahiro, who hails from Tokyo with 24 years of experience behind him.

He has been in Malaysia a mere three months, and brings with him his favourite dishes that include light salads and expertly sliced sashimi. He has been adventurous enough to try some local dishes, and likes ‘mee goreng’ and ‘wan tan mee’. Terry (Red FM Drive), Hawa (Programme Manager), Fatboybakes (Guest Blogger), Donovan (Photographer) and I sat eagerly awaiting the treats to come.

Fatboybakes and I were very happy with our first dish, the Salmon Belly Aburi (RM16).

Aburi is actually a style of partially cooking the fish by searing it topside, then serving it cold. Simple and effective, it brings out the flavour of the fatty salmon belly that melts in your mouth.

Terry, the ‘Scallop King’, was very happy with our second dish. The Hotate Mentai Wasabi Mayo (RM13.80).

Thinly sliced raw scallop, smothered in spicy cod roe and served with Wasabi mayonnaise.

The Boiled Ebi & Hotate with Garlic Syouyu (RM28) was delightful.

Sweet shrimp and scallop doused in a fragrant garlic sauce.

At Kuriya, Chef Nakagawa gets creative and offers his special dishes on a monthly basis, depending on seasonal ingredients. The first CHEF’S SPECIAL dish we tried was the Avocado Kakushiyaki.

Avocado’s sliced in half and baked au gratin. I had to fight Terry for it…

Rich and filling, and the texture of the baked avocado, cream and cheese really mush together in your mouth.

Next, a must try dish at Kuriya. The Chef’s Creation Sashimi – Assorted Sashimi (specially created for you).

This impressive platter showcased very fresh ingredients and the Chef Nakagawa’s presentation skills. The Toro Nigri was exceptional, fatty and velvety.

We also had slices of sea bream, yellowtail, salmon and amaebi (sweet shrimp). The freshly grated wasabi complemented the sashimi perfectly.

We were served the Kuriya Dobinmushi (RM16).

It arrived in a pretty teapot, and was poured into little teacups to be sipped.

A combination of chicken, seafood, ginko nuts and shitake mushrooms awaits you in a piping hot, clear broth. The longer you leave it to stew, the more intense the flavour of the broth.

From the Kushiyaki Section (prices per stick), we tried the Yakitori (RM5) which was tasty, tender grilled chicken leg.

The Wagyu Kushiyaki (RM 19.80) was a skewer of prime wagyu beef, lightly marinated and grilled with a lovely charred flavour.

Terry dug into the Chawan Mushi (RM12), Kuriya’s steamed egg custard.

It was firmer than others I’ve tried but bursting with goodness and flavour. It was a pleasant light bite to whet out appetites for the main courses.

I liked the light and crispy batter of the Soft Shell Crab Tempura & Satsuma Imo (RM28).

Soft shell crab and Japanese sweet potato deep fried to a golden brown and drizzled with a spicy sauce.

Another CHEF’S SPECIAL arrived, and it was the Oyster Shell, Flambé .

What an impressive and dramatic way of serving an oyster! Bursts of flames engulf the large shell that’s filled with scallops and scrumptious enoki mushrooms.

I loved the Sizzling Seafood Teppanyaki (RM38).

Piping hot fresh prawns, scallop and salmon coated in a sweet-spicy garlic sauce.

What came next was most surprising. A simple dish in ingredients, presented with finesse, with a fish I’ve never tried before. The CHEF’S SPECIAL Fish with Garlic Sauce.

Apparently, the fish is called ‘Grunt’ fish, and had a nice, meaty texture similar to Butter Fish, and a wonderful taste. Coated in a sticky garlic sauce and paired with slices of orange, the combination was quite unusual. Chef Nakagawa actually brought out an uncooked one for us to see.

We were glad we’d already polished off the remains of its relative before we saw the raw version!

One of Kuriya’s specialties comes in the form of freshly hand pulled Soba noodles, made from buckwheat flour.

Chef Yamamoto makes them to order, and the noodles are served cold, with a light with a soy-based dashi broth.

Delicious, especially when combined with the shredded scallions, and very refreshing.

Our last savoury dish was the CHEF’S SPECIAL Mackerel Roll, with dried seaweed and wasabi.

It was quite a large portion, good for sharing.

Mackerel is quite a strong tasting oily fish, so I recommend this only for Mackerel ‘lovers’.

And with that, we moved on to dessert. A cool and smooth Matcha Azuki (RM16.80).

This was a Green Tea Pudding in glass cups, topped with warm red beans and complemented by fresh mango, kiwi and strawberry on a bed of ice.

It was a most pleasant meal at Kuriya.

With deliveries from Japan twice a week on Tuesday’s and Fridays, it’s obvious is that freshness of ingredients is high on the list. For me, the highlight of the meal was definitely the sashimi platter.

Oh yes, toro, I will be going back soon for more of you !

*Thanks to Chef Nakagawa and the staff at Kuriya for a delicious meal.

*Special thanks to Donovan ( for the beautiful photographs.



T2, 3rd Floor, East Wing

Phone No: 03-2093 9242


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September 27, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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  1. phwah, this donovan’s pics oso very terra merra hor!!!! thanks again for the invite. i shoulda explored the place a bit…apart from our table, the other pics of the surroundings look completely foreign to me…


    September 28, 2010 at 10:05 pm

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