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A Quick Bento at Hachigo, Suria KLCC

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Hachigo @ KLCC

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Hachigo at KLCC offers you quality, affordable meals in a bento box, complete with rice, miso soup and a drink. What more could you ask for?

Hawa (Program Manager), Alvin and Yy (Photographers), and I were at the Signature Food Court, Suria KLCC, at 7.30pm, just in time for the ‘Buka Puasa’ rush. It was full! Not a seat in sight as Muslims broke fast with all kinds of food from the international selection.

We were there for one thing, and one thing only. Bento!

Hachigo is based on Japan’s train station concept, and all of the bentos sold at Hachigo are known as Ekiben (railway boxed meal).

In Japan, you can buy Ekibens at stands in the station, on the platform or on the train itself in Japan, easy to eat with disposable chopsticks and spoon.

Eddie Kong (Business Development, Catering & Event Manager, Yosh! Brands) tells us that Hachigo is the first Japanese fast food chain in Malaysia, and aims to provide healthy Japanese boxed meals served within minutes of ordering. The selection is quite extensive, with Chicken, Beef and Seafood options, as well as Udon/Ramen dishes and snacks like garlic fried rice, tofu salad and even seaweed salad.

For RM 90, we managed to order 6 Bento Boxes priced at RM12.90 each, and some Kushiyaki (BBQ) items. Bargain!


The first bite of the Wasabi Chicken was very pleasurable.

I loved the rich, tasty golden chicken drizzled with spicy wasabi mayo that sent tingles up my nostrils.

Our favourite for the evening was the Chicken Kimuchi, which Hawa ordered.

She’s half Japanese so she knows how to pick the good ones! Juicy slices of chicken with cabbage, coated in a light curry. The gravy was so good I ended up eating it on its own and polishing off the box until there was not a drop left.


The Gyu Yakiniku is a must for beef lovers.

Succulent strips of Australian Ribeye, marinated in a sticky yakitori sauce, and stir fried with fragrant onions.

Alvin decided to the the Wafu Hamburger, and he loved it.

A sizeable patty of minced beef, pan fried and topped off with creamy Japanese mayonnaise, on a bed of piping hot rice. The Japanese know how to make good burgers!


Eddie recommended the Tempura Moriawase, which is his favourite dish.

I adored the light, golden, crispy batter that coated fresh prawns, sweet potato and aubergine. Well worth ordering this dish, and perfect when washed down with the scrumptious miso soup.

Yy loves eel, so she ordered the Unagi.

Two succulent slices of eel, smothered in a sticky teriyaki marinade, and grilled to perfection. “Are you sure this is fast food?” I asked Eddie incredulously as I chewed on the eel.

“It’s so good!” Eddie smiled and said, “Well, you got it fast right?” It was all very filling.

Remember that if you order the Regular Bento set, you also get rice, soup and a drink of your choice. If you order the Premium Bento set, you get all that, with extra salad, tofu and baby octopus. Add RM1 and swap the white rice for garlic fried rice. Yum!

We almost forgot about the Kushiyaki (BBQ) items.

Each order comes with 2 sticks, and are priced between RM1 – RM12.

Beef with Enoki

Grilled Chicken Skin

Chicken with Leek

Delicious. Perfect accompaniment to the Bento’s. Since it really was a fast meal, Eddie suggested we adjourn to Desserts Bar (also owned by Yosh!), located on the same floor not far away. A short stroll and a few minutes later, we were tucking into some rich Chocolate Brownies and Grape Cheesecake.

It was truly a unique experience dining at Hachigo. It’s fast, stress free, and good quality food for very little money. And all this Ramadhan month, it’s also the perfect place to break fast!

Get your family, get your friends, get your colleagues, and head over to Hachigo for a healthy alternative to typical fast food. Japanese food in box!

Who knew something so simple could taste so good?

All this week, tune in from Eleven2three to win RM100 vouchers to Hachigo @ KLCC! The Big Red Food Review with me Aly. Only on Red FM. Today’s Best Music!

* Special thanks to Alvin and Yy for the beautiful photos.


Stall 11, Signature Food Court,

Level 2, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre,

50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 603-2164 3288

Fax: 603-2164 6288


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August 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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  1. The wasabi mayo looks pretty stron


    August 21, 2010 at 3:54 am

  2. fast foods are of course very popular these days because the price is cheap and there are lots of menu to choose from ..

    INGAAS :

    November 1, 2010 at 10:09 am

  3. the wasabi bento is my favourite….they’ve toned down the strong taste…dont worry…actually the chicken’s pretty yummy

    damien liew

    December 7, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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