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SOULed OUT: The Soul @ Desa Sri Hartamas

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SOULed OUT: The Soul @ Desa Sri Hartamas

I watched my first World Cup football match last Wednesday. Spain was playing Switzerland, and we were sitting at the table right in between the countries respective supporters. Shouts of, “Hop Suisse! Hop Suisse! “(Go Switzerland!) erupted from the Swiss side every time one of their players approached the oppositions goal post.

Honestly, I can’t tell you who won, because I was too distracted by the food.

We were at SOULed OUT for the last of the tastings with the group that also owns WIP in BSC, and 7atenine at Ascott. Owners Fred Choo (Commander in Chief) and Michele  Kwok (the First Lady) opened the doors to SOULed  OUT in Mont Kiara back in 1996. It was an immediate success, and they decided to relocate the restaurant in 1999 to its current home in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Dine al fresco or in the newly renovated Mezzanine section upstairs, that also has a breezy balcony area. Every single table was occupied, and we were at the heart of it all. Sitting outside, the  band added great background music, warming up the crowd before the match.

I watched in amazement as about 60 members of staff (bartenders, waiters/waitresses) moved gracefully, weaving in between tables taking orders and delivering plates of food with ease. The atmosphere was lively and it was energetic. Families, friends and football fans gathered together, eyes glued to the 9 screens that showcases the 2010 FIFA World Cup in its full glory.

That night, I had with me football fan Hazim (Red Weekends), ‘pretend’ football fan Terry (Red FM Drive), Japan supporter Hawa (Programme Manager), and football fanatic Alvin (Photographer).

Of course, the company was made even better by our gracious hosts, Fanny Foo (Proganda Pixie), A.D. Lincoln (Marketing Minstrel) and the newest member to the team. Ng Chic Wern (Propoganda Gremlin). It was a good mix of people who knew their football, and those of us who cheered randomly to appear knowledgeable.

SOULed OUT is famous for its extensive cocktails, substantial wine list and a range of local and imported beers on tap.

Its powerful Flaming Lamborghini’s make that birthday celebration extra special.

What better way to complement you drinks than with one or more of the dishes from over a hundred on the menu? The food menu offers an international selection of Western, Asian, Northern Indian, Pastas, Pizzas. Whatever your mood, the tasty, unpretentious food will do the trick.

Look out for dishes with the tag “SO Lip Smacking!”, indicating House Specialties. We kicked off the evening with a few Western dishes, or, as they aptly call it, “It ain’t Eastern”.

From the Slurp & Chomp (Starters) section, a popular light appetizer is the The Summertime Salad – SO Lip Smacking! (RM20).

A refreshing starter of grilled prawns and squid, segmented oranges and alfalfa sprouts tossed with Romaine lettuce in

Next, a dish from the Under the Sea section (Seafood dishes). We tried the SO Lip Smacking! Pan Seared Grouper(RM23).

Imagine, a fresh, meaty Grouper fish fillet, pan seared and perched atop a mountain of Cajun pasta, with chunks of roasted cherry tomatoes & peppers.

If you fancy chicken dishes, then head for the Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? section. The SO Lip Smacking! Chicken Cordon “BLURR” (RM23) is a classic dish will fill you up.

A boneless whole chicken leg stuffed with sausage, cheese & chicken ham. Rich and creamy, watch the melted cheese ooze out as you cut into the juicy meat. A side of cold vegetables on mayo & golden fries complemented it perfectly.

Zack (Field Marshal) joined us, and we learnt that he has been with SOULed out for 9 years.

He tells us that coming from a hotel background, the change was drastic, and there was no going back. At SOULed out, not only do the guests have fun, but the staff do to. That’s their secret to success. Happy staff make happy guests!

With the Western food covered and settling nicely in our bellies, it was time to head East, and I can honestly say, “It ain’t Western”.

First up, from the Oodles of Noodles section, the Sang Har Mein (RM 28).

Probably one of my all time favourite local dishes, I’ve tried my fare share around town. SOULed OUT’s version comes with crispy wanton noodles and large deep fried-fresh water prawns swimming in a savoury egg gravy. Slurp it up and you’ll realize why it’s SO Lip Smacking!

Another local favourite, the SO Lip Smacking! Fried Beef Noodles (RM14) will leave you with a warm feeling from head to toe.

Supple flat rice noodles smothered in delicious eggy gravy with tender beef slices and aromatic spring onions & ginger .

Tasting the next dish, the SO Lip Smacking! Hokkien Mee (RM14), it was almost impossible to believe there was no pork in it.

A generous portion of thick yellow noodles, wok fried with chicken slices, prawns & vegetables in a sticky dark sauce. As good as, if not better, than any I’ve tried.

In the midst of all that food, came a gleaming beacon of light. What SOULed OUT is famous for… Cocktails!

DRINK, DRANK, DRUNK – Signature Cocktails

Guinness Lychee Shooter – 10’s (RM24).

A creamy blend of Guinness & Monin Lychee Syrup, lychee fruit & topped with cream. We should have saved them for dessert! Great for sharing.

Soul Sensation (RM28)

A mix of vodka, triple sec, jasmine syrup, brown sugar, red chilli, fresh ginger & lime. It’ll spice up your evening!

DRINK, DRANK, DRUNK – Jumbo Cocktails

The Malibu Sunrise (RM 50) was a sight for sore eyes.

Beautifully presented, with orange and lime slices lining the tall glass. A delicious mix of Absolut Vanilla, Malibu, Cointtreau, pineapple juice, grenadine, lime juice and cranberry juice.

If you’re feeling a little tipsy at the end of the night, don’t worry about getting a DUI. The ‘Booze Cruiser’ service provided for all patrons will ensure you make it home safely. Not only do the staff make sure you get home safely, but they also provide you with entertainment! Everyday, at approximately 945pm, smiling members of the SOULed OUT team break into dance!

I take my hat off to them for a well coordinated, entertaining 3 mins!

After the dance was over, we turned our attention back to the food. From the Light & Easy and Supper-doodledoo (Snacks & Light Bites) section, a must try are the Tofu Puffs (RM 12).

Light and fluffy, stuffed with minced prawns, mushrooms, vegetables and fried to a crisp brown .

The Ultimate Sheekh Kebab (RM 14) is most definitely SO Lip Smacking!

Juicy minced mutton marinated with herbs and spices, fashioned into elongated patties, skewered and grilled to perfection.

For something seriously morerish, try the house specialty Deep Fried Calamari (RM18).

The squid is coated in a ‘secret recipe’ batter, and deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Fanny, ever the perfect host, dished out the squid accordingly.

Another great nibble is the SO Lip Smacking! Roast Beef Baguette (RM18).

Warm, fresh bread, baked with sliced beef, salad, mushrooms and grilled cheese.

Now that we had satisfied our peckish cravings, it was time to get down to some serious eating. Yes folks, we heard Bollywood Calling -The Main Flick (Northern Indian Main Courses).

The SO Lip Smacking! Sizzling Lamb Cutlet (RM28) was a hit.

Terry and Hazim couldn’t get enough of the sizzling plate of succulent Lamb cutlets, marinated in spicy Indian herbs. The sauce was rich, and flavourful, and delicious scooped up with a piping hot triangle of naan.

The Butter Chicken (RM22) was my favourite.

Creamy and decadent, the butter sauce clung like a second skin to the tender boneless pieces of chicken breast. Perfect when washed down with an ice cold pint of draft Tiger beer or Kilkenny.

From Northern India, we took a turn for some woodfired oven SO Pizzas. Not your traditional Italian pizzas, at SOULed OUT you get your pizzas with a twist.

The house specialty SO Lip Smacking! Sake-San Pizza (8”-RM25 / 12”-RM32) is a favourite amongst guests.

Gulp down mouthfuls of a light and crispy base, overflowing with Salmon slivers, roe, cherry tomatoes, Japanese mayonnaise and lolorosso.

Watch out for the smothering of wasabi that gives this pizza that extra kick.

The BBQ Chicken Pizza (8”-RM19/12”-RM24) was very enjoyable too.

A liberal sprinkling of marinated BBQ chicken, corn kernels, pepper & tomato salsa drizzled with homemade BBQ sauce.

“Hop Suisse! Hop Suisse!” chanted the Swiss table next to us. “Yea!” We cheered, pretending to have been paying attention to the game. The Spain supporters were chanting something too, and we chanted along with them.

That’s what I love about SOULed OUT. Informal, unpretentious, and bursting with energy. It’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends, or have casual after work dinner and drinks with colleagues. It’s a family place too, and if you’re into football, this is the place to catch those important games on the big screen.

Lip Smacking international food, great service, delicious drinks, and man, what an atmosphere. Look no further, for SOULed out has it all. It really is “THE SOUL”.

Starting Monday 21st June, tune in from Eleven2Three to win RM100 vouchers to SOULed OUT! It’s the Big Red Food Review with me, Aly. Only on Red FM, Today’s Best Music!

A big thank you to Fanny, Lincoln and the team at SOULed OUT for such a memorable evening.

Special thanks to Alvin Sebastian for the beautiful photos.


No. 20, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

: 03 2300 1955
: 03 2300 1929
: 03 2300 1989
: 6012-361 6522
: 6012-200 1955

: Noon till 3pm
: 6pm till closing
: 6pm till closing


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