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7atenine Kuala Lumpur @ Ascott

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7atenine Kuala Lumpur @ Ascott

Stylish…Chic… Sexy…

Those are the words that pop into my head when I think of 7atenine Kuala Lumpur, at Ascott.

“You never know who you’ll meet.”

Personally, I think they should change their tagline to “You never know what you’ll eat!”

I say that because 7atenine presents itself as “an iconic lifestyle destination for a quintessentially chic experience.”

Yes, all that is true, but what you should really be looking at, (past all the fabulous cocktails, the fabulous setting and the fabulous people) is the fabulous food.

Yes, I am going all ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ on you, but unlike her, I did not drink Cosmopolitan’s, but rather indulged in an array of Cosmopolitan Cuisine.

The menu is broad, and sophisticated, yet incredibly affordable. I’ve been there on several occasions yet it never clicked that there was a wonderful mezzanine upstairs that offers fine, international food.

It was indeed another successful foray under the group owned by Fred Choo and Michele Kwok (of WIP & Souled Out fame).

We were ecstatic to see our gracious hosts Fanny Foo (Propoganda Pixie) and and A.D. Lincoln (Marketing Minstrel) again. That evening, I was accompanied by Terry (Red FM Drive), Han (Red Weekends) Alvin (Photographer) and special guest bloggers Ciki (one half of and Monkey (

7atenine’s daily operations is headed by Sidi Fikri and Selva.

8 months now in Malaysia, Sidi has 16 years experience in the F&B line, mostly in hip and trendy restaurants in New York. He joins the group with the aim of promoting 7atenine as a place where you can get everything, as internationally as possible.

A semi-sommelier himself, Sidi has also introduced the award winning le verre de vin (wine by the glass) preservation system, that enables 7atenine to offer 12 premium labels by the glass.

Prices range from RM21.70 – RM57.70 and that evening, Terry sampled the Cloudy Bay Pinor Noir (NZ- RM49.70) and Hopler Gruner Veltliner (Austria- RM33.70).

By the smile on his face, I could tell it was good.

The rest of us warmed up our appetites with a taste of some of 7atenine’s best cocktails. I am a lover of all things Cachaça (liquor made from fermented sugarcane) so Fanny recommended a couple of sweet and refreshing Caipirinhas. The Thaipirinha (RM27.70) had a lovely fragrant lemongrass flavour, and a special spicy thai syrup that wildly wallops your senses. For something a little fresher, try the Apple passion (RM27.70) made from muddled passionfruit coulis and apple syrup.

If you prefer vodka based drinks, try the Apple frog passion Caipiroshka’s (RM27.70) made from apple & passionfruit coulis, with selasih.

Alternatively, sip wonderful blasts of sweet green melon liqueur & passionfruit in the Green melon margarita (RM25.70). Let’s not forget 7atenine’s signature cocktail, a concoction of rum, mint syrup, mint leaves, lime wedges, soda that is the Classic Mojito (RM29.70).

Get there between 4.30 pm & 8.00 pm and enjoy the Happy Hour price of RM 17 only for Classic Mojitos. If you happen to be there on a Wednesday, well, it’s Ladies Night so that means RM 17 for the Classic Mojito all night long!

If you’re feeling healthy, go for 7atenine’s D-tox juices a.k.a Detoxlicious! The One cool cucumber is a blend of fresh lime, cucumber, carrot, monin watermelon syrup while the Adam’s apple contains apple, carrot and fresh basil leaves. Like the taste of oranges? Then opt for A clockwork orange which is orange, apple, carrot, celery, fresh ginger, or try the Watermelon magic with watermelon, green apple, monin lychee syrup and fresh lime.

Before our food arrived, Fanny warned us that we would be the first to sample 7atenine’s newest cocktail. So new it wasn’t even on the menu yet. “What is it?” I asked curiously. “I’ll save that for dessert!” she grinned secretively.

And so it began. Our evening of luscious Cosmopolitan cuisine began with Starters, a.k.a. Lusciously light.

The first dishes to arrive were warm and welcoming soups. I loved the rich, luxurious 7 mushroom soup (RM18.70).

The Chef’s secret blend of mushrooms, served with a warm, deep fried ‘Man Tao’ style bun.

Not to be missed is the aromatic Lemongrass infused pumpkin chowder (RM20.70).

Smooth, sweet and velvety, complemented beautifully with the crispy crabmeat chestnut wanton.

A House Specialty is the Wild rocket salad (RM19.70) with a delicate poached pear, grape confit, fresh mango, avocado & nuts tossed in walnut scented dressing.

Wonderfully fruity, with a peppery kick from the rocket leaves and added crunchy texture from the nuts. Terry adored the dressing for its nutty flavour.

The Green tea smoked salmon (RM22.70) arrived, minimalistic yet striking in presentation, the lively colour of the salmon contrasting beautifully with the harsh black stone it lay upon.

Lightly cured, cold smoked salmon, with a hint of green tea flavour, set off by traditional Japanese Soy Sauce and Wasabi.

I did say the food was international, right?

Another House Speciality from the Lusciously Light section is the Hokkaido scallop (RM27.70).

Scallop lovers from near and far, I call upon you to journey to 7atenine and feast your eyes on this pan seared scallop, layered with cod roe, on marinated seaweed & passion fruit beurre blanc. A winner. I think Terry had them all!

As I browsed through their menu, I felt a sense of calm come over me. No big, impossible-to-understand words. I didn’t feel too overwhelmed with too many choices, yet I felt there was enough to satisfy any kind of craving I could possibly have.

Moving on to the Mains, a.k.a. Luxuriously Lavish…

The House Speciality 789 Platter (RM43.70) is a fantastic way for you to sample a little bit of everything.

It’s a combination of braised lamb shank, ginger poached chicken & charbroiled tiger prawn. You know the saying, “It looks good enough to eat”? Yeah. This really was.

Fish lovers would adore the fresh Saikyo cod (RM57.70) coated in sesame seeds, pan fried to perfection, accompanied with seasonal vegetable & miso jus.

Very distinct Japanese flavours flowed through this dish, yet they were subtle and not overpowering.

Seafood lovers can take joy in slurping up the Seafood Linguini (RM37.70) with generous amounts of scallop, tiger prawn, fish, mussels & squid cooked with a generous pinch of garlic.

Ahh… it was a little taste of the sea, and a little taste of Italy.

When I met with Chef Warren later in the evening, he told me that this was his favourite dish and that it has travelled with him for 5 years. He swore to me that he will take it with him wherever he goes. I think he might have to leave some of it at 7atenine, as its the most ordered dish on the menu!

Our next dish was a dish fit for kings (literally, as Pommery mustard, also known as Moutarde de Meaux has apparently fed French kings since the early 1600s). The bestselling Pommery chicken (RM32.70) was a succulent grilled chicken breast with a Pommery mustard glaze, served with a lightly whipped garlic mash potato.

For something a little different, try the Smoked duck (RM43.70).

A tender smoked duck breast presented in a mille-feuille (traditionally used for pastry) style, where slices of duck are layered with slender, crispy, homemade waffles, perched atop a bed of greens. A thousand layers of pleasure awaits you here!

On to another House Speciality, this time with an Asian twist, was the Sukhotai lamb (RM53.70).

Gorgeous, meaty lamb cutlets, grilled and perched on top of taro puree, with Asian pea sprout & a spicy Thai Bbq sauce.

Again, I think Terry was the culprit in wiping this plate clean.

Suitably stuffed, we looked around the table and realized there was one more dish to come. The House Specialty Gambero Beef (RM73.70), which I had been looking forward to.

Hey, who needs to choose between meat and seafood when you can have both? This was 7atenine’s version of Surf & Turf, consisting of a stunning chunk of char broiled beef, topped with glorious skewered prawn & scallop.

Oh, yes. No need to choose folks, you can have it all!

I chatted briefly with Chef Warren, who oversees the food outlets at Ascott, including the latest addition to the group, Skylounge.

He talked about his passion for clean, simple tastes. Yes, his food was modern, but it also wasn’t too complicated. He uses very little sauces, and nothing that overpowers the taste of another ingredient.

“For example,” he said, “with the beef, you can see it’s about the quality of the beef, not the taste of the sauce, that makes the dish. The sauce is there to enhance the natural flavour.”

Desserts, a.k.a. Sinfully satisfying, were deliciously decadent. The Chocolate dumpling (RM19.70) was a deep fried chocolate dumpling drizzled with coffee sauce. A must try is the House Speciality Dark Chocolate Gateau (RM19.70), which is completely flourless, and uses 55% dark chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream. As promised, it was sinfully satisfying. Very rich, I would recommend sharing this one.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying, then go for the Plantain brulee  (RM19.70).

A sticky, caramelised banana in a dark rum infused crème brulee.

For something lighther, try the refreshing Sticky Rice mango (RM19.70) served with coconut ice cream & sweet, fresh mango.

And that’s it! Can you imagine? All those amazing dishes, just sitting there, waiting to be devoured by you! I’ve got even better news for you. You can sample the 7atenine cosmopolitan menu by choosing one of the 7atenine sets:

3 courses at RM97.00++ (1 starter, 1 main and 1 dessert)


4 courses at RM117.00++ (choice of either 2 starters, 1 main and 1 dessert OR 1 starter, 1 main and 2 desserts). All prices are inclusive of coffee or tea.

Remember how I said Fanny wanted us to try 7atenine’s latest concoction? Oh, it is not to be missed!

NEW! Dessert Cocktails and it’s all Haagen Dazs ice creams! 7atenine has 7 Haagen Dazs based cocktails @ RM 25.70++ Introductory Price – RM 17 for Strawberry Dreams; Set of 7 different Dessert Cocktails RM 137++

Strawberry Dreams (Signature cocktail) with vodka, strawberry ice cream, Bailey’s irish cream, strawberry puree, strawberries.

Orange County with vodka, strawberry ice cream, cointreau, orange marmalade and honey.

And with that, we felt a little less chic than we did when we walked in (it’s hard to look elegant and make a dignified exit with your belly weighing you down), but we definitely felt oh-so-“Sinfully satisfied”.

7atenine has a little bit of everything, which means, there’s definitely something for everyone!

A big thank you to Fanny, Lincoln, Sidi and the team at 7atenine for such a memorable evening.

Special thanks to Alvin Sebastian for the beautiful photos.

ALL NEXT WEEK, starting Monday 7th May, tune in from Eleven2Three to win RM 100 vouchers to 7atenine @ Ascott! The Big Red Food Review with me Aly. Only on Red FM. Today’s Best Music!

– 104.9 in the Klang Valley –

7atenine Nights

LASH – Every Wednesday – Ladies, ditch the lads for an exuberant night of gossip, laughter & sizzling R & B tunes!

HEDONISTIC – Every Friday – A deliriously delicious night of high octane grooves & moves from world renowned deejays

WHITE NIGHT – Every Saturday – A mesmerizing fusion of adult house music & indigenous sessionists that arouse every human sense (complimentary cocktail for those in all white)


7atenine, Ascott Kuala Lumpur,

9 Jalan Pinang,

50450 Kuala Lumpur

T: 03 21617 789/ 012 210 3055




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