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Med. @ Marche Live! Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Med. @ Marche Live! Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It seems KL has been hit by the Italian bug. Everywhere you look, left, right and centre, a new Italian restaurant seems to have popped up overnight. Formerly known as a fine dining Mediterranean restaurant, Med.@ Marche recently revamped itself and opened its doors on February 2nd as Med @ Marche Live!, serving up authentic Northern Italian Cuisine.

“We wanted to keep the name,” explains Executive Chef /Director of Food & Beverage, Christian Heindenreich. “People know the name, because of the restaurant’s highly acclaimed reputation.” Nominated in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2009 Best Seafood Restaurant category, the change to Northern Italian Cuisine also involved a facelift.

“We’ve opened up the restaurant, jazzed up the Mixology Bar, and added a covered terrace for guests to enjoy drinks and dessert in the cool KL night air,” says Chef Christian.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we enjoyed a pleasant chat getting to know each other and a delicious twist on my favourite aperitif, the Dirty Martini.

As I sipped on Med. @ Marche Live’s Sweet Martini, tinted pink, with a splash of olive juice, Chef Christian regaled me with tales of his life that brought him to Malaysia. With 30 years of experience in various countries including Hong Kong and Australia, his specialty has always been Italian food. Not a stranger to local food, his favourites include Tandoori Chicken and Naan, as well as a hearty bowl of Laksa.

“If you don’t want to cook, then don’t be a Chef,” he states in a matter-of-fact way. Chef Christian oversees the menus at all the outlets at Renaissance Hotel KL, and makes it a point to cook in the restaurants or at functions whenever the opportunity arises.

Dilly (Red Breakfast) and Hazim (Red Weekends) arrived shortly after and our host Tammy Ch’ng, Marketing Communications & Public Relations Manager, informed us that we had to ‘Doodle’.

“Erm… What do you mean?” asked Hazim. Chef Christian obligingly explained that on each table was a layer of paper coating the tablecloth. On each table was a jar of crayons.

While waiting for our dishes, we were to doodle. The best doodle of the month would be put up on the wall of fame, and win a free dinner!

Doodles on the wall at the moment, were done by a professional artist.

“Oh, wow! That’s so cool!” exclaimed Dilly. “C’mon, let’s go to our table! I wanna doodle!”


Shortly after we sat down, we ordered and moved to a bigger table to accommodate the food.

The antipasto section included familiar favourites like Insalata di Cesare tradizionale (RM28) Traditional caesar salad, and pecorino Conchiglie di san giacomo (RM38) which was a Warm scallop with tomato relish.

Our first dish was the Selezione di Antipasti (RM42), an Antipasti selection of daily specials.

That day, we sampled toasted bread with a black olive spread, beef carpaccio, Seabass with basil pesto and grilled zucchini & cherry tomatoes with grated parmesan.


The next dish to arrive was the Pizza con frutti di mare (RM44).

On a crispy wood-fired oven base lay a dotting of fresh seafood, fresh chili, and melted mozzarella cheese.

It soon became clear that this was Hazim’s favourite as he polished off the remainder slices with ease.


From the pasta section, we tried the Parpadelle con ragout di coniglio (RM48).

This was a generous helping of Parpadelle, ragout of rabbit and cannellini bean. I love rabbit, and have not had the pleasure of eating it in Malaysia. The sauce was rich and thick, coating the tender chunks of sweet meat.

I really enjoyed the Risotto ai frutti di mare (RM52), one of  Med. @ Marche Live! signature dishes.

With mussels, prawns, squid and fish, the rice was soaked in a creamy tomato based sauce.


Soon after, our main courses arrived. The most popular dish amongst us was the Cotolette d’agnello (RM68).

Tender Lamb cutlet’s  with roast potato wedges and a dark, meaty gravy.

The flavor of the Petto di anatra caramellato (RM62) was very intense, and it was a little rare for my liking.

However, the caramelized duck breast was nicely grilled with a crisp skin, and a side of sweet parsnip mousse and baked beetroot.

Looking at both the duck and the lamb on my plate, I wondered how I would fit in the next dish.

Next, we tried one of South Australia’s most important exported fish. The Pesci “King George Whiting” (RM72).

A generous sliver of King George Whiting sat atop a simmered ratatouille, with garlic aioli.


To complement our dinner, we had a side of Chargrilled asparagus with lemon (RM10).

Mixed greens with tomato and olive (RM10).

It was a mad rush to finish our food (and doodles) as all of us wanted to be crowned ‘Doodler of the Month’.

We finished off our masterpieces and sat back to admire (or rather critique) them. Here was mine…

Here was Hazim’s… Batman! da-da-da-da-da-dum – Batman!

And here was Tammy’s.

It was time to move outside to the new terrace for dessert.

DOLCI – Dessert

Tortino al cioccolato RM22

Warm chocolate tortino with luscious choclate ice cream.

Tiramisú RM22

Tiramisu in a chocolate cup, fresh strawberry and a rich chocolate brownie on biscotti.

Panna cotta RM22

A light, wobbly pudding, sweet, with flamed oranges.

Pera cotta RM22

Poached pear with zabaglione

It was a lot to take in, but somehow, we managed to make space. A wonderful selection of traditional Italian Desserts, served with style.

The new Med. @ Marche Live! offers variety. An antipasti selection that changes daily, a wonderful selection of wine and friendly staff ready to help you enjoy your dinner a cozy, modern setting.

All this week, from Monday 15th –Friday 19th February, tune in from Eleven2Three to win RM 100 vouchers to Med. @ Marche Live! Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The Big Red Food Review, with me Aly. Only on Red FM, Today’s Best Music.


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February 14, 2010 at 6:41 pm

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  1. Cool! I’m not familiar with KL. Is Med.@ Marche any window overlooking twin tower pls??


    November 26, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    • Hi ellen, it’s not overlooking the twin towers but has a nice view from the balcony.


      November 26, 2010 at 2:29 pm

  2. Aly, Sound like the Italian Cuisine has invaded the city of Kuala Lumpur,lucky for those who love Italian.
    The entree look appetizing together sipping with the sweet Martini I love it,I’m sure it go really well with the rare bloody look of the juicy Steak.Added on to that your appearance of that night,does make a different look in the pictures scene.Thanks,for letting the hair down,you look so vibrant the good energy is all over you.Wear a little more bling-bling will highlight your features a little more. Who is the cute little lady holding the sweet!Look as a lots of weight to her,isn’t there anyone around to give her a hand.The dessert look fancy but the serving plate is a little over size.Sorry for making you carried the weigh sweety.When the time come hunger for steaks,I’ll sure come for a try.
    You girls are looking good.


    November 29, 2010 at 11:48 am

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