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Local Chef Brings Japanese Delight

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Mizu @ TTDI Plaza

Local Chef brings Japanese delight

It’s in plain sight, yet unseen in the courtyard of Plaza TTDI. I was accompanied by JD + Dilly (Red Breakfast), Terry (Red FM Drive) and a special guest, Frat Mustard, the voice of, a new online restaurant reservations service. We were greeted by Yeoh Meng Wei, one quarter that made up Mizu’s owners. Spend RM200 and get a 20% discount on the entire bill!


It was a fresh start to the meal, with a serving of Nama Wakame Salad, which had unusual flavour and texture. Crispy at first bite with a jelly consistency, this was a cold starter of seaweed with a Wafu dressing made from Japanese soy sauce, rice vinegar and vegetable oil.


Another refreshing appetizer was the Ikura Kyuri Cheese, which was Japanese Cucumber with a mixture of Salmon Roe, Camembert Cheese and Olive Oil.


The word sashimi directly translates to ‘fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces.’ They vary in length and thickness depending on what type of fish or seafood is served, and of course, the preference of the chef. I was surprised to learn that Chef Aspazali was not of Japanese origin, but rather trained under the head chef at Bangsar Village, specialized in sushi and sashimi.


We tried the outstanding Toro (Tuna Belly) for a velvety, fatty consistency, and the Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) for the more adventurous.

With high expectations, we sampled the Kobe Beef Tataki, and were not disappointed.


Mizu’s Signature dish is the Mizu Maki’s. Its ‘Signature Sauce’ is never allowed to die, originating from a cooked blend of Anago (salt-water eel), Japanese mayonnaise and peanuts.


From inside to out, this maki starts with deep fried prawn, avocado, unagi (eel), Mizu’s Signature Sauce and a layer of Tobiko (flying fish roe).


A Japanese meal is never complete without an assortment of sushi. Favourites were the Negitoro (Minced Toro and spring onion) and Kampachi Roll from the rolled sushi selection, and the Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Toro from the Nigiri Sushi selection.


I took delight in one of the Chef’s Signature Dishes, the Jumbo Ebi Tofu with Truffle Sauce.


A prawn lover myself, I really felt this dish did it justice, with the rich flavour of the prawn complementing the light truffle essence.


It was a pleasure to move on to something a little extraordinary from Mizu’s ‘Nimono’ (Simmered Dish) section. A must try is the Foie Gras Diakon, roughly translated to a seared duck liver delicately placed on a portion of smooth, softly cooked white radish.


A favourite amongst customers is the Uni Chawan Mushi (an egg dish steamed with Sea Urchin). Ask the chef what is available and opt for the Seasonal Fish Nitsuke, prepared with soya sauce and sweet sake which is simmered until thickened.


I’m not a big fan of fish, so I ordered the Hotate Yasai Sotei (Sauteed Scallops with Vegetables), which were exceptional.


What normally happens at this point is the meal is rounded off with a rice dish. We were served a portion of Mini Kakiage Don (Shitake, Prawn and Spring Onion Tempura) which was not much of a surprise. What followed was an astonishing Unagi Ochazuke. Now this was something different for me.


Lightly salted green tea in a conventional tiny teapot, which we were told was to be poured over the fluffy Japanese steamed rice (which had a hint of vinegar).

It was most pleasant to conclude the meal with a dessert of Tapioca Coconut and Azuki Macha Pudding.


All this and more are available to deliver to other restaurants in TTDI Plaza. Not forgetting their buffet on Sundays. What more could you ask for? A hidden treasure that won’t stay hidden for long.

Spend over RM 200 and get a 20% discount on the total bill (20% discount not applicable for buffet or Amex Card Holders)

To win RM 100 vouchers to dine at Mizu @ TTDI, tune in to The Big Red Food Review with Aly, Eleven2Three. Only on Red FM, Today’s Best Music. For more details please visit


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September 4, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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    Do you have the contact number for this restaurant please?



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