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Everyday is your Valentine’s Day…

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The Cave Couple Café & Restaurant

Everyday is your Valentines Day

I asked my trustee fellow Deejays to join me on a Thursday evening for another food review. Of course, when Terry (Red FM Drive) heard it was at a romantic restaurant, for couples, with specially designed ‘caves’ for added privacy, he jumped at the chance to come along. Of course, I’m also sure the fact that he loves to eat didn’t have anything to do with his decision to join me. Nope. Not one bit.

The Cave Couple Café and Restaurant stays true to its name by offering diners a selection of intimate booths on the first and second floors, or the option of dining in an ‘open’ cave on the third floor. From the outside, except for the large sign that says ‘cave’ (a dead giveaway), it could be any other shop-lot in the bustling streets of SS2.

Walk in and you are magically transported to the Cappadocian Region of the Anatolian Peninsula in Turkey, a place that the owner fell in love with for its valley, canyon, hills and unusual rock formation. The unique landscape, carved by both man and nature, was captivating, and he could not resist bringing some of it back here to Malaysia.


I felt like I really was immersing myself into a hideout similar to that used in 332 BC by early Christians in Cappadocia. The space has undergone a massive transformation, from bare cement walls to spray concrete on mesh designed to replicate that of Turkey’s alluring rock formations. We were given a brief history lesson and introduced to the menu, which to my surprise had nothing to do with Turkish food. In fact, we started with the Sashimi Kiku, a selection of 7 different kinds of fish and seafood from the Japanese Kitchen and a refreshing selection of ice blended fruit drinks.


The menu is a uniquely relaxed combination traditional Japanese cuisine, and Western dishes with an Asian twist. Terry calls it fusion, and scrutinizing the menu, I had to agree with him. Under appetizers you can find dishes like the Prawn ‘n’ Salmon Roll Salad served with Yuzu Soy Sauce, or the Chick ‘n’ Mush Puff, a hot chicken sushi roll with creamy wild mushroom in puff pastry. There is a decent selection of pasta, ranging from the traditional Lasagne Al Forno to the more adventurous Olio ‘Sushi’ served with smoked Salmon Sushi Sambal. You’ll also find familiar Western classics like Chicken Cordon Blue, Braised Lamb Shank and Chicken and Mushroom Pie. What we sampled were the Chef’s recommended dishes. The Grilled Sirloin Steak was tasty and flavoursome, the first bite so tender it melted in my mouth.


Cooked through with only the faintest hint of pink inside and accompanied by a shitake mushroom sauce served in a shot glass, I eagerly dispensed the fragrant gravy over every inch of my steak and watched it soak in.

The next dish was the Mexican Lamb Rack. A hearty portion of lamb cooked medium well, its skin glazed and meat succulent. All alone, it might be boring but topped off with a tangy Mexican sauce made from capsicum, tomatoes, chili and onion, it was a textural delight.


If you are a fish lover, try the Fruity Red Snapper. A golden honey colour from being pan fried, I could almost imagine the sizzling sound it made when it was cooked. The meat is delicate and light, with a summer feel from the sweet and sticky orange and mango sauce.


All three mains came with a bed of creamy mash and crunchy steamed broccoli, cauliflower and baby corn, topped off with a confetti of skillfully placed carved vegetables. Although the latter added nothing to the taste of the dish, it did do a lot to please the eye. Full marks for presentation.


An added bonus to our meal was The Cave’s signature soup, the Trio of Mushroom Soup served in Farmer Bread. This was my favourite dish. This comforting soup is meant to satisfy your soul, and it certainly warmed my heart to the core and filled my belly to the brim.


To round off your meal, indulge yourself in the Chocolate Dome for dessert, a rich chocolate cake with a fluffy mousse centre, or opt for a healthy selection of tropical fruits.

The food at Cave Couple & Café Restaurant is not to be enjoyed in solitude. Take heed of its name, and bring your other half with you; a first date, a long time partner, your best friend, or even the whole family. With flexibility in dining space and a smogasboard menu, the Cave is a suitable hideout for any occasion.

Tune in to the Big Red Food Review with Aly for your chance to win RM100 vouchers to The Cave Couple Café & Restaurant, SS2

For more information call The Cave Couple Cafe & Restaurant on (03) 7873 9888/9698
photos courtesy of Phoon Kah Wai


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July 19, 2009 at 8:28 pm

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